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Best Tools For Your Garage. Best Floor Jacks, Best Lifts, Best Oil, Best Air Ratchets,

Vehicles are common and have been a necessity more than a luxury. Purchasing a floor jack is an investment; it is an important tool in a shop, and an important decision to be made carefully. For a jack with a case for easy carrying or storage, look no further. But, there is plenty of low-profile jacks that easily fit in the small spaces.

With such features and many more, the JEGS garage jack is definitely among the best car floor jack on the market. This longer neck provides you with a lift height of between of between 6 and 21 inches which gives enough of a clearance height for even large model SUV's.

In the case of the floor jack, the only place it can go is up, no matter if there is a massive vehicle atop the piston. In our reviews section, I've given you my list of the 12 most popular floor jacks with reasonable prices. This is the best car jack as it has the capacity to lift loads of up to 6,000 pounds or 3 tons, which is quite impressive.

Plus, the garage floor jacks listed are built to accept a load of up to 3-ton. And finally, our best and top brand for the Top 10 Best Automotive Floor Jacks in 2017, is the Torin T43002 Jack Stand. In the case you're ever lifting more than it's rated for, the bypass and overload valve prevent over-extension of the hydraulic arm (a great added safety feature).

The floor jack also has a safety valve that prevents the floor jack from lifting more than it is capable of. The floor jack has also been built for long term and durable performance whether it's at home, a repair shop or auto service. In fact, having a heavy duty floor jack not only makes you feel safe but lets you be flexible with your equipment.

The overall construction of this floor jack is made of high grade steel, which makes it steady and durable. Powerbuilt has designed this floor jack with padded lift rails and a detachable lift saddle, which allows you to adjust the jack to suit different frames.